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Mini Diggers for Hire

Our machines are suitable for small projects, home and farm use, helping you complete your project quickly and safely.

Our machines are available for short and long term hire at very competitive rates.



Bobcat E16



 The Bobcat E16 is complete with auxiliary hydraulic system with a 30 l/min flow rate and two-way control with quick and fluid response that offers precise movements and rapid cycle time. In this way its various accessories can be fully utilised. Thanks to its small size and light weight, the E16 mini excavator can be transported on trailers towed by pick-ups and vans, or even by mediumsize cars.

The E16 mini excavator is powered by a three-cylinder, 9.9 kW Kubota D722 engine.

This machine is fitted with the long arm to increase digging depth and unloading height. Its operating weight is 1744 kg, and it
offers a maximum digging depth of 2602 mm.

From £60 a day un-operated
From £176 a day operated






Features of the Kubota U17

Double-flanged Track Roller & Short-pitched Rubber Crawler

Like many higher-end excavators, the U17 features double-flanged track rollers and short-pitched rubber crawlers for improved undercarriage
durability. The double-flanged track rollers help improve travel stability and performance, and the short-pitched rubber crawlers help minimize
vibration during travel for improved operator comfort. With the U17, a day on the job always goes smoothly.

Variable Track Width
The U17 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted to between 3'3" and 4'1" (990 mm and 1,240 mm). With the touch of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge to navigate narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

Zero-tail Swing
Zero-tail swing means you’ll never again worry about what is to the side or behind you while you work. No matter how far you turn, the tail
always remains within the width of the tracks. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and faster operation, making the U17 ideal for jobs in congested urban areas.

Extended Dozer Arm
Kubota has extended the dozer arm to optimize the clearance between the dozer and the bucket—this makes collecting soil and rocks close to the machine simple and more efficient. And, the extended length of the dozer arm also helps prevent soil or rocks from getting caught between the dozer and the crawler.

Strong Bucket Breakout Force
The U17 has the power you need for heavy loads and tough excavating jobs, a breakout force of 3,417.2 lbs, with the dedicated bucket
and quick coupler.



Dimensions Overall length 11'7" (3545mm)
Overall height 7'8" (2340mm)
Overall width 3'3" (990) / 4'1" (1240mm)
Height 10.3" (260mm)
Min. ground clearance 5.9" (150mm)
Swing system Unit swing speed 9.1 rpm
Boom swing angle Left / Right 65 / 58 degrees


From £60 a day un-operated
From £176 a day operated


Case CX 26




  • Operating weight  2,7 t
  • Equipment dimensions .l / w / h  3,82 x 1, 4x2, 46 m
  • Bucket capacity  0,088 m³
  • Total width  1400 mm
  • Track/Tyres  250 mm
  • Reach horizontal   4,52 m
  • Dregding depth      2,65 m

From £60 a day un-operated
From £176 a day operated


Bobcat E26





Bucket pivot angle 185 °
Maximum reach of working equipment 4,552 mm
Maximum reach at ground level 4,678 mm
Maximum blade height 385 mm
Maximum blade depth 315 mm
Maximum bucket tooth height 4,272 mm
Maximum dump height 3,057 mm
Maximum depth of vertical wall which can be excavated 1,809 mm
Maximum digging depth 2,582 mm


Excellent stability and transportability

By optimizing the weight of the workgroup using the proven “4-plate box” technology, the center of gravity has been moved towards the back of the excavator. As a result, the E26 does not require an additional counterweight when configured with the optional long dipper stick. Thanks to the optimized weight, the E26 can be more easily transported by trailer.

Smooth and powerful hydraulics

Thanks to a new main control valve, optimized pump and higher working pressure, the hydraulic system allows smooth, quick and simultaneous operations in combination with powerful digging forces.

Uncompromised operator comfort

A key feature on the E26 is the incorporation of the same cab used on the Bobcat range 3 to 5 tonne compact excavators. Operator comfort and ample entry space have always been very important features of Bobcat compact excavators, and the Bobcat E26 does not compromise these features. This also counts for the improved operator noise level.

Joystick controlled boom swing
Boom swing is controlled by a thumb wheel located on the left joystick, instead of the pedal control used on many competitive machines of this size. This feature allows for improved controllability (metering) of the boom swing as well as offering more floor space for the operator.

New auto-shift travel motors
A new feature offered by the Bobcat E26 is the auto-shift travel motor which allows an automatic transition of speeds. The machine shifts automatically from low to high speed or vice versa, providing superb travel performance in any working condition. The operator activates this feature by simply pushing the button on top of the blade control lever.


From £60 a day un-operated
From £176 a day operated




If you have any questions about out machines available, please give us a call.

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