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Muck Truck Accessories


The flatbed is perfect for all those loads that can’t be carried in the general purpose skip.

As the flatbed sits above the wheels awkward loads, such as paving slabs, drainage pipes bags of sand/cement or compost can be carried with ease.




Skip extensions
The optional extension sides for the Muck-truck will fit onto the standard skip. These extensions provide 30% more capacity for bulk loads such as compost, manure, mulch, hedge cuttings, logs etc. Very popular with gardeners, home and stables.


Muck-truck Ball-Hitch

Easily attached to replace the skip. Can be used for trailers, caravans or boats. Can tow up to a 5 tonne trailers in weight providing machine still maintains traction to the surface area. Very manoeuvrable, very powerful.



The muck-truck vacuum is simple to operate and easy to start, the Kawasaki petrol engine creates a vacuum in the large container to offer powerful suction through the 5" pick up hose leaving no muck stuck to the grass or straw. The 350 litre capacity container is made from high density durable plastic and empties easily by removing the rear lid and tipping the muck out.

By using low-revs the vacuum can even be used  to collect leaves from gravelled surfaces without removing the gravel.



Muck-truck Loading Ramp
The loading ramp, ruggedly constructed of 2 x 5ft sections, enables safe tipping into skip or truck. 
The loading ramp folds flat for easy transportation and the muck-truck will sit neatly on top. Easy to erect on-site by one man.










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