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The Muck Truck To Buy or Hire

The whole muck-truck power barrow concept is designed to increase productivity.

Ideal for:

  • Builders / Local Authorities
  • Landscapers / Gardeners
  • Garden Centres / Nurseries
  • Farmers / Small Holdings / Stables


View The Muck Truck Specification

A range of Muck Truck Accessories

.... makes it a multi functional piece of equipment.

The Ball and socket attachment allows the Muck Truck’s

power to be harnessed to move other heavier items

The extendable high sides are easily clipped on making

the transport of bulky loads easier


Specialist Feature Videos

Special Ramps

Special ramps make loading skips and trucks simple. One person can safely raise the barrow to skip height and using the tipping mechanism empty the Muck Truck


Tight corners, narrow paths, uneven ground, the Muck Truck takes them in it’s stride.The pneumatic tyres reduce wear and tear on more delicate surfaces such as lawns.



The Muck Truck has been designed to get through the narrow doorways of domestic houses and gardens making it the first choice of builders and landscapers.

...  call us for a demonstration of the revolutionary Muck Truck.

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